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BodyScience Combo 1

BodyScience Combo 1

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What's included:

Chaperone 1: Chaperone 1 is composed of bile salts, SOD, and catalase. This is used to improve the ability of butyrate to move into the cells as it can function as a heat shock protein. SOD binds to molecules of copper and zinc to break down toxins. Charged oxygen molecules called superoxide radicals are byproducts of normal cell processes, these free radicals must be broken down regularly to avoid damaging cells, in this case motor neurons.

Pure COQ: Pure COQ is a bioavailable form of COQ10. Supports the mitochondria and assists body in energy production. COQ10 is a critical co factor to running the metabolic cycle. The metabolic cycle takes place within the mitochondria and this cycle is the main producer of our energy and our detoxifiers. COQ10 is an essential step in the cycle, which is why it’s important to make sure your body is getting enough of it. COQ10 helps in reducing fatigue, supports healthy energy levels, reduces inflammation, reduces free radicals, supports the nervous system, and supports the production and breakdown of neurotransmitters.

Pure D3: Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy gut, and aids in repairing damaged tissues and cells within the body. As Vitamin D levels rise, it begins to function as a vitamin, meaning it starts turning on and off reactions and is critical to many necessary reactions. Vitamin D supports the immune system and having Vitamin D3 as an immune modulator, is essential for optimal gut health. Vitamin D3 supports calcium absorption and healthy bones, as well as improves brain function. BiomeIQ’s Pure D3 is a medical grade vitamin D supplement which is highly absorbable and designed to be pure and free of toxic ingredients.

Extreme Aminos:  BiomeIQ’s Extreme Aminos uses amino acids to help support muscle synthesis. By combining amino acids, in the proper ratio, Extreme Aminos works to support muscle strength, improve muscle function and prevent muscle loss from inactivity or aging. Amino acid effectiveness is boosted when taken before exercising.

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