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Muscle Health Package PLUS

Muscle Health Package PLUS

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Do you struggle with weak muscles? Have you noticed as you’ve aged, your muscle strength has diminished? Do your muscles have a hard time keeping up when you exercise?

BiomeIQ’s Muscle Health Package will support healthy muscles, and help with muscle health as you age.

BiomeIQ’s Extreme Aminos Works to support healthy muscles daily and helps strengthen muscles during and after exercising. As we age, our muscle can deteriorate and Extreme Aminos helps to reverse this process.

BiomeIQ’s Pure Magnesium Chelate helps to support healthy muscles and relieves muscle aches and cramps from exercising or from tired muscles. Add this into your bath at night to help relieve those muscle aches.

BiomeIQ’s MitoBoost supports healthy muscle recovery after exercise, enhances performance during exercise, and supports healthy muscles

BiomeIQs Bicarbonate Supreme supports healthy muscle function and aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels which is essential during exercise.

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