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Pure Minerals

Pure Minerals

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What makes BiomeIQ's Pure Minerals so great?

  • Combination of key minerals needed by the body. 
  • Supports mineral repletion and utilization. 
  • Contains active, chelated forms of minerals for maximum absorption. 
  • Pairs well with BiomeIQ's Pure Detox for giving your body the minerals needed during heavy metal detoxification. 

Pure Minerals

Pure Minerals are the combination of key minerals required by the body for optimal health and wellness.

This balanced and multi-mineral supplement supports healthy mineral repletion and utilization. If you are depleted of minerals and need active, chelated forms of the minerals your body needs, Pure Minerals is for you.

Pure Minerals works really well paired with BiomeIQ’s Pure Detox and gives the body the minerals needed daily to help you feel your best while chelating out heavy metals to keep you from becoming depleted. 

Pure Minerals benefits:

  • Quality source of daily minerals 
  • Supports mineral repletion
  • Aids the body in maintaining minerals after exercising
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