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Resveratrol Plus

Resveratrol Plus

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What makes BiomeIQ's Reservatrol Plus so great? 

  • Purified form. 
  • Doesn't cause stomach distress. 
  • Supports healthy aging. 
  • Supports optimal wellness. 

BiomeIQ’s Resveratrol Plus is pure, potent, and highly bioavailable. Resveratrol Plus is composed of purified Trans Resveratrol and quercetin which slows the metabolism of resveratrol and increasing the half-life. This purified form is important as it doesn’t cause stomach distress which often occurs with other forms of Resveratrol.

BiomeIQ’s Resveratrol Plus Benefits:

  • Supports vascular integrity
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Pure and highly bioavailable form
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Protects antioxidants
  • Protects the heart
  • Reduces pro-inflammatory mediators
  • Stimulates Sirtuin enzymes

Resveratrol has a role in a multitude of biochemical and physiological actions within the body. Resveratrol supports vascular integrity and healthy aging. Supplementing daily supports optimal wellness. One of its most essential roles is it stimulate Sirtuin enzymes. Sirtuin proteins impact DNA repair and recombination, cell survival and energy metabolism. Resveratrol is essential for our overall health and wellness.

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